Gustavsberg Atlantic

- 2019 -

Gustavsberg has been a leading Nordic brand within the porcelain industry for over 190 years. Gustavsberg’s desire to provide an easy, energy efficient, and economical solution to their design-astute customers led them to collaborate with Propeller. 

Propeller’s focus 

The design constraints for the new Atlantic line were primarily price sensitive; we needed to design an affordable classic tap to appeal to commercial builders and interior architects alike.  We sought to communicate the generous feeling of water with harmonic details and smooth surfaces. Working closely with Gustavsberg’s engineers and stakeholders we were able to help them achieve their goal: an elegant design with smart capability and wide market appeal.

Packaging Design

Gustavsberg wanted to continue working with us to extend their product communication into their packaging. Taking a similar approach, we focused on communicating the cleanliness and clarity of water by using white pigment and thin line work on recycled paper to echo the energy-efficiency of the faucet. The result refreshed the Gustavsberg brand and surpassed sales projections.

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