Cowboy E-Bike

- 2018 -

We helped the start-up, Cowboy to develop an electric bike for a younger demographic and the public who don’t yet believe electric bicycles are an effective and attractive mode of transport.

We assisted Cowboy with the bike’s industrial design and packaging, down to the smallest details; including innovative technical features such as full connectivity with GPS tracking and integrating the removable battery into the frame of the bicycle.


Historically, e-bikes don’t appeal to younger demographics; some lack in product design, use outdated technology, are highly priced or a mix of all three. Cowboy was created to address these issues.


Cowboy is an exciting e-bike designed with a minimal aesthetic, lightness and a better riding experience.

Cowboy offers something more than conventional brands: smartness, affordability and a characteristic design language. The bike won the prestigious EuroBike award as well as a Red Dot award for outstanding design.

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