Intra Eligo

- 2015 -


With more than 140 years of developing high quality stainless steel products, Intra is a leading brand within the kitchen fixtures industry.

Our commission was to investigate new business opportunities while focusing on strategic brand building possibilities. Initiating our research in the kitchen, we observed user behavior and followed up with interviews with other product stakeholders such as architects, sales and marketing. Our profound understanding of user’s needs led to many possible design solutions.  Balancing these conclusions with trend analysis our recommendation was to re-think the kitchen sink and revitalize it’s functionality.


The kitchen sink has changed little during the last decade, providing Intra the opportunity to position it’s brand as an innovation leader. Simultaneously, the project led to refine Intra’s product design strategy to position itself as a premium Scandinavian brand.



Flexible sink with movable dividing wall. The small sink size saves water. The extra wide sink is for large objects such as oven trays. / The double sink allows for simultaneous dishing washing and rinsing.

Integrated sink scraper. The rinse has an integrated scraper that is optimized to work with the shape of the sink basin. The scraper is designed so that you can use it without having contact with waste that gathers at the bottom of the sink.

Cutting board or sink cover. The accompanying cutting board sits perfectly on the side of the sink and also doubles as a cover letting you easily hide dishes or waste inside the sink.

Clean design. Integrated touch controls and removal of as many protruding details as possible affords easy the sink cleaning.

Smart accessories. Additional accessories were designed to give a compelling and seamless user experience.
Intra’s Scandinavian heritage is reflected in the design aesthetics; the hard and long-lasting steel is balanced with the humanistic focus of user-friendly functional accessories.

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