Kinnarps Fields

- 2016 -

Propeller developed Fields for the furniture giant Kinnarps, first presented at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in February 2016.

Developed for activity-based workplaces, Fields supports tomorrow’s way of working.

We carry out many different activities and tasks during a day at work. Fields meets the fluctuating demands of the work environment with a modular and flexible furniture system that can create a multitude of work spaces such as common areas, meeting areas, rooms within rooms, creative spaces or private workplaces.

Easy chairs, sofas, tables and screens are mixed with exciting accessories and smart solutions to create a well thought-out holistic solution.

Fields erases the need for physical boundaries between meeting and focused work areas, as well as making it possible for everyone to find their own space to support the individual’s workstyle.

With a great range of different materials, colors and accessories, it is also possible to customize and adapt Fields to any preference.


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