Worlds first "Quickstinguisher"

Firemill Extinguisher

- 2018 -


The reported number of fires in Swedish homes is about 6,000 fires per year, half of them occur in the kitchen and the majority of them in direct connection to the stove. It is also a fact that there is an excess of carbon dioxide (CO2) cartridges on the market, intended for carbonating water in “soda-streamers”. CO2 is widely known as an extremely effective and completely harmless extinguishing agent which is also gentle to its environment. 

By connecting these insights an idea was born; What if the same CO2 cartridges, available on the market, also could be used in order to extinguishing fires.


So, the challenge we were up against was primarily this; How could we design a product that supported fast action immediately, that people were not afraid of using and making the extinguishing easier, safer and more instinctive in case of a fire.


Firemill is designed, developed and adapted for home and kitchen environments. Through its contemporary and conscious design, Firemill lends itself to be stored in plain sight, such as an interior detail, easily accessible in order for you to start the extinguishing before the fire develops and becomes a danger. Everyone knows where it is and it is never more than 3 seconds away! Therefore, you can always start extinguishing within 5-10 seconds from the moment you discover the fire. No fire can develop into life threatening during that time.

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