Looft Industries Looftlighter

- 2006 -

The Looftlighter is a revolutionary barbeque lighter that uses super-heated air rather than chemical accelerants to light the grill. It ignites the charcoal or wood in less than a minute and makes cooking easier, tastier, cleaner and much, much quicker.

Working with Richard Looft, innovator of the Looftlighter, our task was to come up with a design and, in parallel, create a premium brand to support future products. The design flirts with the traditional masculine tonality of the American barbecue but adds a sleek modern design expression that’s more appealing to contemporary family life. With the Looftlighter, Propeller created an entirely new product that’s both fun and kinder to the environment.

In the development of the Looft Industry brand we designed the packaging and a range of barbecue accessories and the packaging.


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