Ujia Smart Lock

- 2019 -

When Chinese lock manufacturer Ujia wanted to create a new sub brand they chose Propeller to lead all aspects of the design.
The smart lock enables keyless access for you and your family by either using finger print scanning, NFC tags, a pin code or the Ujia APP.



Today many smart locks are very technical in design expression and driven by the number of features they have. Ujia wanted to have a more human and less technical approach to a smart lock, that should fit into many different home environments, with Scandinavian design esthetics.

Propeller provided Ujia with: Product Design, APP Design, Packaging Design, Product Visualization, Visual Identity and Branding



Ujia is a user friendly smart lock with a humanistic expression that blends into your home, accompanied with an APP that let’s you mange the whole lock system in an easy way. The Scandinavian design approach permeates all aspects of the design. The website that we designed is focusing on presenting the product for the next generation of smart home adopters. The consumers who care more about their home decor and an easier life with beautiful tech products.

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